Friday, August 26, 2011

Renren Inc.(RENN)

This one really caught my eye. Renren is a social networking platform in China. It allows members to connect via internet and post messages, pictures, and comments just like facebook. I know, weird that I would bring facebook up in a post about a social networking company! Renren makes it's money off of advertising and internet value-added services. Currently a single share is priced at $7.18, and having slightly over 392 million shares puts the market cap at about 8.1 billion. Heres where it gets good though. The 52 week low is $6.18, and the high is $24.00. I know the 52 week window isnt everything when purchasing shares, but hey it sure helps. I also dont see this company going anywhere but up in the market because companies are always wanting to advertise, and people are always on the computer. Tell me what you think, thanks!


  1. Wow this sounds like a great idea to buy in on. Go china! :)

  2. I wouldn't trust it. Go for something that seems more promising.