Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trade it up: A common misconception.

I have a purpose for making the image above. Many people believe that the stock market is all numbers, charts, and deskwork, but the truth is that they're wrong. There is so much more to it than that. This image is to show that being involved in stocks involves thinking outside the box, and using our thoughts and ideas and turning them into plans in reality. Sure, you would never see this on an add for a fortune 500 company, but believe it or not this is what is encoded behind it, ideas, imagination, and theory. Downgrades MIPS Technologies to "Hold".

Today, downgraded MIPS technologies to a "hold" rating. This means that MIPS in not expected to do any better, or any worse than other tech companies. For the few months that I have owned shares in this company it has been on the same curve as the market has been on. For example: market gains MIPS gains, market loses MIPS loses also. Therefore I have to say that I agree with this decision made by TheStreet. A HUGE think to pay attention to though is that MIPS has a debt-to-equity rate of zero. In simple words,  THEY OWE NO MONEY! Unlike other companies we know...